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MPT Ownshops and Brandshops List


MPT Ownshops

No Shop name Contact Phone no. Shop Address
1 MPT Aunglan 09423001729 (11)street,Tayawgone Quarter,Aunglan Township .
2 MPT Bokalay 09423001229 Bokalay Auto exchange, Bokalay Street, No(4) quarter, Bokalay Township . 
3 MPT Hinthada 09423001082 Hinthada Auto Exchange, Bogyoke Street , Hinthada Township . 
4 MPT Kyonepyaw 09423000934 Bogyoke Aungsan St,  Kyonepyaw
5 MPT Maubin  09423001021 Mobile + Micro Building ,No.1 Quarter ,Maubin Township . 
6 MPT Myan Aung 09423001128 Auto Exchange , Sartitetaegone Street  ,Myan Aung Township . 
7 MPT Myaungmya 09423000970 Auto Exchange ,Tout Yaung Nay Street ,Myaungmya Township . 
8 MPT Nyaung Tone 09423001045 Cable Office ,No.6 Quarter ,Nyaung Tone Township . 
9 MPT Pathein 09423000908 Division Manager office,MPT, Maharbandula street, Ayarwaddy Division, Pathein Township . 
10 MPT Pyarpon 09423001199 Pyarpon Auto Exchange, No(5) Street, (12) quarter , Pyarpon Township . 
11 MPT Zalun 09423001161 Zalun Auto Exchange, Ahdar street,Zalun Township .
12 MPT Bago 09423004863 Yangon-Mandalay Street, near NaryiSin , Division Manager Office , Bago Township . 
13 MPT Taungoo 09423005073 Main road,Taungoo Township . 
14 MPT Latpandan 09423005321 No(2) Street, Min Quarter, Latpandan Auto Exchange , Latpandan Township . 
15 MPT Min Hla 09423005294 No(7) Quarter, Boyontan Street, Minhla auto exchange , Minhla Township . 
16 MPT Paukhong 09423748999 Pyay-Taungoo Street, number (5) quarter, Paukhoung Township . 
17 MPT Pyay 09423005167  Yangon-Pyay street, Sin Su Carrier office compound , Pyay Township . 
18 MPT Tharrawaddy 09423005249 Micro Compound ,Tharrawaddy Township .
19 MPT Hakha 09423004544 MPT State Manager Office, Zay(1) Quarter, Matupi Street,Hakha Township . 
20 MPT Bamaw 09423004289 Micro compound ,Bamaw Township .
21 MPT Myitkyina 09423004272 Myitkyina MPT mobile,In front of Thit Taw Office, Corner of Sama street and Zaw Gyone Street, Ayar Quarter,Myitkyina Township . 
22 MPT Phakant 09423004326 Hmaw Hwan Quarter, Near Myo Ma Police Station, Phakant exchange , Phakant Township .
23 MPT Tanai 09423004377 Kin  Sa Yar Quarter,Tanai Exchange, beside of Ledo Highway street , Tanai Township . 
24 MPT Loikaw 09423007869 Corner of U Thiri Street & (5) Street, DawHuKhu Quarter, Loikaw Exchange, Loikaw Township . 
25 MPT Hpa-an 09423007860 Hpa-an Post office compound, Padonmar Street , No(1) quarter , Hpa-an Township . 
26 MPT Kawkayeik  09423003224 Panchan street, No (3) Quarter, Kawkayeik Auto Exchange , KawkayeikTownship . 
27 MPT Kyarinseikgyi 09423003220 Kyarinseikgyi Post office, Bogyoke Street, No (5) Quarter, Kyarinseikgyi Township . 
28 MPT Myawaddy 09423005368 Myawaddy Post Office, U Aung Zay Ya Street ,No(5) Quarter, Myawaddy Township . 
29 MPT Chauk 09423001412 Chauk Post Office, No(10) Nal Myay, Kwet Thit East Quarter, Chauk Township .
30 MPT Magway 09450000339 Corner of BEHS(1) Street & Hospital Street,near (5) junction, Soe Kaw Min Quarter, Magway State Manager Office , Magway Township .
31 MPT Minbu 09423001512 Bogyoke road,No(1) Quarter ,Minbu Township .
32 MPT Min Hla(Upper) 09423001766 Myoma Ward, Khantat Gyi St, Minhla Exchange , Magway Division
33 MPT Myaing 09423001668 No(2) Quarter,PyanSet Street,Myaing Township .
34 MPT Pakokku 09423001606 Pakokku Exchange, MyoMa Street, No(1) Quarter, Pakokku Township . 
35 MPT Pauk 09423001674 Boyoke road,AungChanThar Quarter ,Pauk Township .
36 MPT Taungtwingyi 09423001474 Yone Gyi Street, Taung Pyin (2) Quarter, Taungdwingyi Exchange ,Taungdwingyi Township . 
37 Kyaukpadaung 09423002698 Behind of No.1 School,North side of ZayGyi ,(5)Qtr,Kyaukpadaung Township
38 KyaukSal 09423002510 Yone Gyi street ,Outchan Quarter ,Kyauksal Township
39 MPT Mandalay 09423002173 (25) Street, Between (80 & 81), Aungmyaytharzan, Mandalay Township
40 MPT Meikhtila 09423002876 Meikthila Post Office,beside of Yangon-Mandalay street, Myo Ma (4) quarter,Meikthla Township
41 MPT Mogoke 09423002385 Mogoke Exchange, Bo Kone Quarter, Mogoke Township
42 MPT Myingyan 09423002837 Myingyan Exchange compound, (3) Street,No (2) quarter,Myinchan Township
43 MPT Nyaung Oo 09423003468 No(4) quarter, Thiri pyitsayar quarter,beside of Anawyahta ,Nyung Oo Township
44 Pyawbwal 09423002872 Near Myo Ma Bazzar ,Yangon-Mandalay Road,Pyawbwal Township
45 MPT Pyin Oo Lwin 09423002166 Corner of telegraph street & Mandalay-Lashio street, infront of Myanmar Economic Bank,No(5) quarter ,PyinOolwin Township
46 MPT Kyaik Hto 09423005676 Kyaik Hto exchange, Bogyoke street, Taungthu shu quarter , Kyaik Hto Township . 
47 MPT Mawlamyaing 09423005518 State Manager Office, MPT, Thitkalkone quarter, Mawlamyaing Township . 
48 MPT Mudon 09423005584 Mudon Auto Exchange , Kyon Phite Village street, Mudon Township . 
49 MPT Thanphyuzayet 09423005604 Thanphyuzayet exchange, Aung Khutho quarter, Bonay Win street , Thanphyuzayat Township . 
50 MPT Ye 09423005617 Auto Exchange , Yangon-Myeik Road ,Ye Township .
51 MPT Maungdaw 09423003016 Maungdaw Exchange, No(1) quarter, Corner of Post Office Street and PhaySi Village street, Maungdaw Township . 
52 MPT Sittwe 09423002969 RUPA Post office, RUPA North Quarter, Sittwe Township . 
53 MPT Thandwe 09423003011 Thandwe Exchange ,Bogyoke Street , No(2) quarter , Thandwe Township . 
54 MPT Gangaw 09423001681 MyitShaung Street,No(2) Quarter,Gangaw Township . 
55 MPT Hteegyaint 09423004079 No(2) ,Bogyoke Street, Aung Zay Ya Quarter, Hteechink Auto Exchange Compound, Hteegyaint Township .
56 MPT Kalay 09423003886 Bogoke street ,Pinlon Quarter,Kalay Township .
57 MPT Kathar 09423004130 Auto Exchange ,No.7 Quarter,Kathar Township .
58 MPT Monywa 09423004122 Yone Gyi Street,  ,Yone Gyi Quarter, Beside of Monywa Post Office,Monywa Township .
59 MPT Shwebo 09423004075 No.3,Bokonne Quarter,Shwebo Township .
60 MPT Yae Oo 09423004126 Yae Oo Auto Exchange, Aungchanthar Quarter, Yae Oo Township . 
61 MPT Kyeng Tong 09423008225 Corner of Airport street and Zay Su street, Post Office Compound, No(3) quarter, Kyeng Tong Township . 
62 MPT Mone Hsat 09423000683 Mone Hsat Auto Exchange Compound, Pyi Htaung Su Street, Mel Swan Myauk Quarter, Near Mone Hsat Market , Mone Hsat Township .
63 MPT Tachileik 09423000653  Tachileik Exchange, Rose Street, Wan Kaung Quarter, Tachileik Township . 
64 MPT Lashio 09423003498 State Manager Office, TharThaNar 2500 Pagoda Street, No(1) Quarter, Lashio Township . 
65 MPT Muse 09423003627 Muse exchange office, Ho Mon Quarter, Pyidaungsu Street, Muse Township . 
66 MPT Aungpan 09423001809 Pyi Taung Hsu Rd,  Near JJ Express
67 MPT Ayetharyar 09423001884 Ayetharyar Auto Exchange, big quarter (48), No(5) quarter, Ayetharyar Township . 
68 MPT Hishseng 09423002020 Loikaw-Taunggyi Road , Hokal Quarter,Hishseng Township . 
69 MPT Lawksawk 09423000604 Shwe Nyaung- Lawksawk (Inn Taw Street ),Lawksawk (Ba Htoo) Township.
70 MPT Nant San 09423001904 Beside of Nant San , Moenae Street, No(5) Quarter, Nant San Township . 
71 MPT Nyaung Shwe 09423001810 Nyaung Shwe Auto Exchange, Pyateik Street, Nanda Won Quarter, Nyaung Shwe Township . 
72 MPT Taunggyi 09423001829 State manager office, Bogyoke street, Thittaw quarter,Taunggyi Township .
73 MPT Dawei 09423004686 Division Manager Office, Myanma Post and Telecommunication, Dawei Township . 
74 MPT Kawthaung 09423004756 Auto Exchange, Supaung Yone Street, Padauk Shwe Wah Quarter,Kawthaung Township . 
75 MPT Myeik 09423004662 Pearl Street, Beside of No(3)B.E.H.S,Zaytan Quarter,Myeik Township . 
76 MPT Palaw 09423004755 Palaw Highway Road, Palaw Post Office Compound , Palaw Township . 
77 MPT Thayetchaung 09423004768 Tatnal street,Myoma Quarter, Exchange Compound , Thayetchaung Township . 
78 MPT Ahlone 09423007588 No (839/841), Bogyoke Street,Ahlone Exchange Compound ,Lanmataw Township . 
79 MPT Shwegondine 09423003280 No(74), East Shwegondine Street, Bahan Township . 
80 MPT Hlaing 09423007653 NO(5), 9 Quarter, Yangon-Insein main road, Hlaing post office compound , Hlaing Township . 
81 MPT Insein 09423007728 No (2), Hlaing river road,East Ywama, near insein  bridge, between EPC & Post office , Insein Township . 
82 MPT Sawbwagyigone 09423005360 Corner of  Kyauksein St and 5Street, Sawbwagyigone Pwe Yone Compound 
83 MPT Pansodan 09423007584 Corner of Mahabandula Street and  Pansodan Street , Kyauktada Township . 
84 MPT 40th Street 09423007594 No(103), 40th Street, Kyauktada Township . 
85 MPT GPO 09423007598 Corner of Bo Aung Kyaw Street and Strand Road, Kyauktada Township . 
86 MPT Mayangone 09423007660 Mayangone post office compound, Near 8mile park, Kabaraye pagoda road, Mayangone Township . 
87 MPT Sule 09423007593 Corner of Bosunpat Street and Maharbandula street, Near Sule Pagoda , Pabedan Township .
88 MPT Tamwe 09423007652 No (101), Banyardala road, Bo Cho (2) Quarter,Tamwe post office compound , Tamwe Township . 
89 MPT Thingangyun 09423007621 Corner of ThuMinGalar Street and Thumana Street, Thingangyun Township . 


Brand Shops (Direct Dealers)

No Shop name Contact Phone no. Shop Address
1 CROWN MOBILE FC (MPT Shop Wetlet) 09440066166 / 09257635353+J3J2:J176 No.2 ,Budar Rd ,Merchant Qtr ,Wetlet
2 KHAING THURA MOBILE FC (MPT Shop Zaygyi Rd) 092401091 , 09253572220 , 09776922280 No. 72 , Zay Gyi Road , Myo Thit Quarter , Myintkyina Township , Kachin State.
3 MYA NADI MOBILE FC_(MPT shop Kyaikto) 09-450448300 / 09450448800 /09793338300 No(6) Bogyoke Rd ,North Ward ,Kyike Hto ,Mon State
4 SUCCESS WORLD_FC (Pyay_Brand Shop) 09253000075 No.117,Corner of Min Kan Paing St and Bogyoke St , Ywar Bal Qtr , Pyay
5 SUCCESS WORLD_FC  (Mawlamying Pearl) 09444777102 No.L 29,NganTae Rd , Mawlamyine . 
5 SUCCESS WORLD_FC (Hinthada_Brand Shop) 09253000064 / 09255888891 Ayeyarwaddy, No. (16), Bogyoke street, Lat Tha Mar quarter
6 SUCCESS WORLD_FC (MPT Shop Yangon - Pyay Rd) 09255888814 / 09255888891 No.132 , Bo Gyoke Road , Thonesal 
7 SUCCESS WORLD_FC (Mayangone Brand Shop) 09253000094 / 09255888891 No.13/14-B Ground Floor , Kyike Wine Pagoda Road 
8 SUCCESS WORLD_FC (Hlaing_ Brand Shop) 09264444044/9253000084 / 09255888891 No(11), Hlaing River Street, No (4) quarter, Hlaing Township, Yangon 
9 CITICOM CO.,LTD_FC (MPT Shop Bar Street) 095136225 Bar Street, Kyauttada Township, Yangon
10 CITICOM CO.,LTD_FC (MPT Shop Myanmar Plaza) 09457751200 K102,1floor Myanmar Plaza ,192 kabaraye Pagoda st ,  Bahan, Yangon
11 CITICOM CO.,LTD_FC (MPT Shop Thar Kay Ta ) 09448974010 Room.223, Capital Hyper Mart, Thar Kay Ta Tsp.
11 NGWE ZIN HEIN_FC (KYI TAUK PAUK) MPT Shop Singu 09-402689497 / 09256006007 / 09444330041 Mdy-Myitkyina/Mogok Rd, Kyi Tauk Pauk Qr
12 U OK Mobile FC (MPT Shop Lower Main Rd) 09 5661736 / 09255877177 / 095322919 122, Lower Main Rd, Phattan Qtr, Mawlamyine
13 HNIN THAR NYI NAUNG FC (MPT Shop Pyi Taw Thar Rd) 09404566660 No.3(A) Pyi Taw Thar Rd. Magway
14 ACME MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Taungtha) 09404555515 / 09260000224  Myin Gyan - Kyauk Pa Daung Rd 
15 ASIA STAR MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Hpakan) 09-425271949,  09-47006238 40, 2nd Qr, Seik Mu ward, Pharkant
16 CALL ME MOBILE (FC) (MPT Shop Puta-O) 09256077828 Myo Ma Qtr, Ta-Sa-Nya Room, Puta-O
17 Khin Mobile (MPT Shop Mawlaik) 09400509664 Kannar Street, Myo Ma 1 ,Kyaung Taung Qtr, 
17 Lin Pyae Aung Mobile (MPT Shop Kalewa) 09442276633 No.3 Qtr, Bogyoke Street, Kalewa
18 Pyar Dee Mobile (MPT Shop Shwe Gu) 09400029054 No.3, Nawaday Street, Sai Gone Qtr, Shwegu
19 T.T.T Store (MPT Shop Tedim) 09260839310 Sakout Lann Qtr, Bogyoke Street, Tiddim
20 QN MOBILE FC_(MPT Shop 84th st(28st+29st) Lwin Mobile 09402763636 No.70,84thRoad ,Between 28th & 29th Street . Chanayetarzan Tsp . 
21 D MOBILE FC (MPT Shop Latha St) 01373538 / 095135342  No.117, Latha street, Latha Township
22 MYANMAR PADAUK FC _(MONWYA)MPT Shop Kyaukkar 09970234756 / 09458056088 No.202, Kyaukkar St /Yankin ward. Monywa
23 MYANMAR PADAUK FC _ (THANPHYUZAYET)MPT Shop AungSan 09259591119 No(156), Aung San Road, Aung Chan Thar Quarter, ThanPhyuzayat,
23 MYANMAR PADAUK FC_(SAGAING) MPT Shop Zayar 09444411662 No(134), Zay Yar Road, Poe Tan Quarter, Near Myanmar Economic Bank, Sagaing
24 MYANMAR PADAUK FC _ (Thatkone) MPT Shop Lanmataw 09456993661 No(992), LanMaDaw Road, AungZayYa Quarter, Tat Kone 
25 MYANMAR PADAUK FC _(PYINMANA) MPT Shop PanKhin 09458117500 No.6 /155 Pankin St ,YGN-MDY street,near elephant statue / Pyinmana
26 SOCIAL MOBILE_FC (KYAUKTAGAR) MPT Shop Kyauktaga 0943007649,054-2860106 / 09790147277 Bogyoke Rd, Zay Pine Quarter, Kyauktaga
27 ASIA MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Mogaung) 09-444374443, 09-400051888  Sa-843, Aung San St, Zay Gone Qr
28 ZAW MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Mohnyin) 09-400004664 / 09976769464  Near Chinese Temple, Pyi Htaung Su Street,Narkhar Qtr,Mohnyin,Kachin 
29 DR. MOBILE_FC ( MPT Shop Phyu ) 09-43057405 / 09260174667 Zay St x Yangon Mndalay Rd, Front side of Si Pin Market, Phyu
29 LA GABAR MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Tada-U) 09-43004004, 09-259190217 No. 3, Na Kyaw Da ward, Tada U - Myotha Rd
30 LUCKY SEVEN MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Sintgaing) 09-440574477, 09-790215733 Bo Tay Za st, Myoma ward, Sintgaing
31 NINE MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Shwepyithar) 09-5127944 106 B, 5/5 Qr, Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Htan Chauk Pin junction
32 U Wai Kyaw  ( Mobile) _ FC (MPTShop Hseni) Thein Ni 09-403722777 3 Qtr, Pyi Htaung Su Rd, Theinni
33 ASIA MEGA LINK CO.,LTD FC_ (MPT Shop International) 943031189 International Airport (New)
34 ASIA MEGA LINK CO.,LTD FC_ (MPT Shop 73 Street) 09-258310400 , 09-5000086,9264900007 Corner of 73 Street,36 Street, Maharaungmyay township
35 ASIA MEGA LINK CO.,LTD FC_ ( MPT Shop Domestic) 0943031189 Domestic Airport 
35 MOBILE MALL_FC (CHANAYETARZAN) MPT Shop 84th st 09-259706000 / 09-43011000 Cor: of 37th  St & 80th St : Mahar Aung Myay , Mandalay Township 
36 ZY MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Parlan -1) 0941006525 , 09261300022 No.(13) ,Chinese Monastery Road,Pahlan-1 ,Tachileik Tsp ,East Shan State 
37 MA CHO MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Pyi Htaung Su Rd) 09-5230188 / 082-51555 Pyi Htaung Su Rd ,(Ta/11) ,Muse Tsp 
38 THREE STAR MOBILE FC (MPT Shop Taung Wine) 09450944445 No(5,b)Jade St ,ZayCho qtr , Mawlamyine ,Mon 
39 SHWE HNIN SI MOBILE_FC (MPT SHOP MONG PHYAT) 09-45048003,  09-428210886 Mong Phyat Myo Ma Market
40 PATNI MOBILE_FC (MPT SHOP LOILEN) 09-428361742 , 09-252539939 Ta/4,Bo Byoke Rd, Block-1, 
41 YADANAR TOE MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Hmawbi) 09-31111932,  09-5093103 3, Yangon - Pyay Rd,  Yone Pauk Bus Stop
41 MYO THANT MOBILE FC  (MPT Shop Pakkoku Market) 09401501502 , 09777778776 ,09977374777 Pan Swar Street ,(9) Qtr ,Pakokku Tsp ,Magway 
42 BEST ONE _ FC (MPT SHOP JUNCTION SQUARE) 09953090302 Junction square ,Kamaryut .Township
43 BEST ONE_FC (MPT Shop Hlaw Kar Street) 09427562083 No.408/ka, 19 ward, hlaw kar Road, Near Bongyikyauk kwe bus stop, South dagon, Yangon
44 BEST ONE_FC (MPT Shop HTAUK KYAUNT) 09953090302 43, Lan Sone Ward, Pyay Rd, Corner of Htauk Kyant Lan Sone
45 HEIN ZAW MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Tanintharyi) 09-422193771 Thukhard, Chanung Nge Ward, Tanintaryi
46 Unique-1 (MPT Shop Pansodan) 09452425100 No. 261, Pansodan Road (Upper Block), Pansodan Bet. Anawrahta & Bogyoke Road, Kyauktada Township, Yangon, Myanmar, 11182
47 Unique-3 (MPT Shop U Chit Maung) 09452425100 No. 171, U Chit Maung Road (NearU Chit MaunMaung Housing), Bahan Township
47 Unique-5 (MPT Shop North Oakalapa) 09452425100 No. 923, Thudhamma Road, Near Junction of Thudhamna & Waibargi Road, North Oakalapa Township
48 Unique-6 (MPT Shop Thingangyun) 09452425100 No. 33, Lay Daung Kan Road, AKK Shopping  Mall Diagonally Opposite, Thingangyun Township
49 Unique-7 ( MPT Shop Kabar Aye) 09452425100 No. 41, Kabar Aye Road, Bet. Har Mit Tic Bus Stop & Hnin Si Gone Home for Age, Bahan Township
50 THREE STAR MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Chaung Sone) 09-445511397 40-A, Bogyoke Aungsan Rd, Chaungzon East Qr
51 Dr.Fone (Thantlang)_FC (MPT Shop Thantlang) 09260460990 No.7 Qtr, Bogyoke Street, Htantlang
52 Ko Kyaw Myo Khaing Mobile_FC( MPT shop Paletwa) 09455127111 Main Road, Paletwa, Chin State
53 SAI SAI MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop kunlong) 09263006030 Shan Ywar Ma Qtr, Kunglong
53 U KAN MOBILE_FC ( MPT Shop Mongmit) 09450222250 Zay Yat, Mongmit
54 MOBILE MOTHER CO.,LTD_FC (80 Branch) MPT Shop 26 St (79st x 80st) 02-24151 ,02-24225 ,02-24164 / 09448014040 No.167 ,26th Street ,Bet: 79th & 80th Street , ChanAyeTharZan Township
55 MOBILE MOTHER CO.,LTD_FC (Nanshae Branch) MPT Shop 62 St (19st x 20st) 09420783550 /09448014040 No.98/1 ,62nd Street ,Bet: 19th & 20th Street ,AungMyayTharZan Township
56 MOBILE MOTHER CO.,LTD_FC (13 HQ) MPT Shop 13th (80st x 81st) 09448014040 No.25,13th Street ,Between:80th & 81th Street , PyiLoneChanThar Ward ,AungMyaeTharZan Tsp
57 MOBILE MOTHER CO.,LTD_DD (90 Branch) MPT Shop Manawhari St 09-444042929 /09448014040 No.333,35th Street ,Bet 90th & 91th Street ,East of Day Woon Block ,MaharAungMyay Township
58 MOBILE MOTHER CO.,LTD_FC (84 Branch) MPT Shop 84 St & 42 St  09-402573730 /09448014040  No.510/Ka ,Corner of 42nd & 84th Street ,MaharAungMyay Township 
59 MOBILE MOTHER CO.,LTD_FC (60 Brancd shop)MPT Shop 60th st 09265513331 ,09420276072 /09448014040 Corner of 60th & Manawhari road ,ChanMyaTharZi Township
59 LINN Mobile_FC (MPT Shop Dala) 09-252597979 No.6, Shin Saw Pu St,  Aungmingalar ward, Dala
60 MOBILE VILLA_FC (MPT Shop Taikkyi) 09-5195636 No.211, Pyay Rd, Batar Qr
61 LIN YAUNG OO MOBILE_FC( MPT Shop Kyansittar_North Dagon) 09427562083 No.1186, Hlawkar Rd x Kyansittar Rd, 70 market bus stop
62 DAW AMM_FC (MPT Shop Nanhkan) 09-403709810 Pyi Htaung Su Rd,  Near Myo Ma market
63 EIK SI TAN MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Kyauktan) 09-5154265, 09-51236644 No.9, Min Kyaung St, Kyauktan
64 HCC MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Homalin) 09-400439742 Pyitaryar st, beside of Super Win Myanmar food
65 LA PYAE WUN MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Thazi) 09-2225073, 09-978022129 No.5, Main Rd, near Tharzi police ward
65 MALSINE MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Nagzun) 09-425123442 Myotha market (west), myotha township, Ngazun
66 MOBILE CITY MOBILE_FC(Wundwin) 09-259984113 Thaetaw near marlet, Wundwin township
67 NGWE NAN SAT MOBILE_FC (MPT shop Myitta) 09-456444987 Infornt of Tauk Payit Pagoda,  Main markert rd, Taryaraye ward
68 PHONE MIN THAR_FC (MPT Shop Patheingyi) 09-43199399 Ohn Chaw, Shwe Sar Yan St
69 YAMONE OO MOBILE ( MPT Shop Thabeikkyin) 09-257004500 Maun Rd, Qr 2, Tagaung near market
70 Aye Chan Mobile (MPT Shop Ngape) 09265855015 No2 Qtr, Padan, Ngape
71 Phyo Mobile (MPT Ahop Kamma) 09891008007 Zaygyi Street, Kamma Tsp
71 Point Mobile (MPT Shop Saw) 09401630186 Saw, Kyauk Htu Tsp
72 AUNG MYINT MO FC (MPT Shop Pakkoku (Myaing Rd)) 09259555005 / 09970968000  Thamawayama  St,(7) Qtr , Pakokku,Near YOMA Bank
73 N STAR MOBILE FC_(Pyin Oo Lwin)MPT Shop Mandalay-Lashio Rd 085-21113 , 09259376611 1/Ka , (3) Ward , Mandalay - Lasio Rd . Beside of CB Bank
74 WIN MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Kywel Se Kan) 092024078 Tha 15/8, Thar Yar Waddy Min Gyee Highway,  out / by South Gate of Kywel Sel Kan Parking Bay.
75 PAN BONE MOBILE FC (MPT Shop HPA-AN 2)   No.9, Bogyoke Rd, Hpa An Township
76 NGWE SANDAR MOBILE FC_ (PYIN OO LWIN)MPT Shop Marchant St 092045032 No.66 , ZayGyi North , Marchant St . PyinOoLwin 
77 ABC TELECOMM CO.,LTD_FC ( MPT Shop Aungmingalar) 09440080011 Arrival Area , Infront of Myint & Paing Co.,Ltd
77 AUNG SAT KYAR FC_ (MPT Shop Labutta) 09-250994998 / 09262446611 138,Trader Road,5 Quarter,Latputta
78 T.T.S MOBILE FC (MPT Shop Kyaiklat) 09455123488 No.108,U Sandda Road, 4 Block , Kyait Latt
79 OSCAR MOBILE FC _(MAWKYUN) MPT Shop Mawlamyinegyun 09-789100200,  09-429100200 No.333, 13 street , 5 Quarter,Mawgyun
80 NAY KYAL OO MOBILE FC_(Kyaukpadaung)MPT Shop Myingyan - Kyaukpadaung Rd 09-791555200 Bawgabala Rd, Myo Ma (South), Kyaukpadaung 
81 3 STAR MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Thayet) 09-2225757, 09-441777057 Infront of Madaya Myoma Market, Bogyoke Aung San St, No.2 Butar Qr
82 SOE SAN AUNG_FC (MPT Shop Yesagyo) 09 2300762, 09454594545 / 09790169810 No(2) Bogyoke St, Sate Ta Thu Kha Ward
83 HTOO MYAT  MOBILE (SOE)_FC (MPT Shop Thaton) 09 450073737, 09 5114615 107,  Zay St,  Outkyin Ward, Thaton, Mon
83 G-Nan Mobile_FC (MPT Shop Paung) 09- 955524550, 09-894435559 219, Si Pin Tar Yar Rd, Paung township
84 HEIN HTET SWAN MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Sinbaungwe) 09-260952020, 09-423660353 3st, No.1 Qr, Sinbaungwe
85 MYO KO KO MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Bilin) 09-979111333, 09-266887703 Yangon - Mawlamyine Highway Rd, Bayint Naung Qr
86 Kyaw Swar Mobile_FC(Pindaya) MPT Shop Pindaya 09445105245 Kone Lone School Road, Zay Tan Ward, Pindaya
87 Padonmar Mobile_FC (Kunghin) MPT Shop Karli 09403762946 No3 ward, Kanpat Lann, Karli
88 Parami Mobile_FC (Ywangan) MPT Shop Ywangan 09400660300 Ywarma Ward, Pyi Tharyar Rd,Ywangan
89 YADANAR GROUP MOBILE FC (MPT Shop Than Lwin St ) 09250255775 Main Rd and Thaphay Rd , Corner of Myoma Market , Taunggyi
89 Tat Ka Tho Shopping Mall (MPT Shop Shwe Dingar) 095382356 No1. Zay Pine Ward, Railway Station road ,Daiku Tsp , Bago East 
90 SKY LINK MOBILE FC _(Pathein) MPT Shop Shwe Zay Di  09-5177726 No(1), Ayeyar Shwe Myae Stall ,Merchant Rd ,Pathein ,Ayeyarwaddy
91 S POWER MOBILE_FC (HLAING THAR YAR) MPT Shop Kyan Sit Thar St 095115457 84/B , No(5) , Kyan Sit Thar St , 6 ward 
92 S POWER MOBILE_FC (JUNCTION CITY) MPT Shop Junction City 09441410002 / 095115457 Junction City Shopping Mall
93 S POWER MOBILE_FC (SANCHAUNG) MPT Shop Sanchaung St 0932499992 / 09-5115457 Sa/5,Sanchaung Street,Sanchaung Tsp.Ygn.
94 S POWER MOBILE_FC (INSEIN) MPT Shop Insein 09441156677 Bayint Naung Rd x Hlaing River Rd
95 SOE MOBILE FC (MPT Shop Nyaung Lay Pin) 09458022115 No.(15) PhaYar Rd ,NyaungLayPin Tsp ,Near CB Bank
95 EAGLE MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Kyaukme) 09-440279203 / 092037950 / 09259982991 / 09440279203 / 09787813858  Pyinsathi Thi St, 4/45 (A), Kyaukme
96 MI HOME_FC (MPT Shop WAKEMA) 09-250737737 / 09798537999 No.48, My Yone St,Ye Kyaw Qr,
97 KTZ MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Einme) 09253335858 / 09253333177 No.21, Bogyoke Aung San 1 St, Upper Qr 
98 MOE THAW TAR_FC (MPT Shop Ottayathiri) 09429222999 No.(37) Ministry of Industry ,Zeyarhtarni Road , Naypyitaw 
99 MOE THAW TAR_FC (MPT Shop Pobbathiri) 09-429222999 24, West ward, Pobbathiri township
100 3 STAR MOBILE (MPT shop Madaya) 09-2225757, 09-441777057 Infront of Madaya Myoma Market, Bogyoke Aung San St, No.2 Butar Qr
101 SAN THAW TAR MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Pyigyitagon) 09-974999469, 09-970463838 62nd st, Aye Myitta st x Aye Thukha st, Industry zone-1,Pyigyitagon, Mandalay
101 SHAN LAY MOBILE_FC(Hsipaw) MPT Shop Hsipaw 09-449866686, 09-449866676 No.159, Mine Pon Rd, Pathein North Ward, Hsipaw
102 SHWE OHM PWINT MOBILE_FC(Nawnghkio) MPT Shop Nawnghkio 09-258929677, 09-426708350 No.1, Zay Qr, West of Myoma market, Naung Cho
103 ANGEL MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Khin U) 09776622839 Aung Chan Thar Qtr, Near Aung Yadanar Bus ticket shop, Khin U Tsp, Sagaing
104 Aung Kham Mobile - FC (MPT Shop Mong Ping) 09458032169 Middle Qtr, Mongping
105 B4U Mobile - FC (MPT Shop Mongyaung) 09458032131 No.(8/41),  Qtr, Zay Lan, Mongyang
106 Ngwe Eain San Mobile_FC (MPT Shop Demoso) 095600235 Zay Gone Ward, Demoso
107 Phyo Hnin Mobile - FC (MPT Shop Namtu) 09440095544 Pan Htike 4 Qtr, Namtu
107 Thein koe kel FC (MPT Shop Hlegu) 09-965116468 Za Myint Swel / 2, A Naut Min St, Zaygyi Qr, Hlegu
108 OLYMPIC_FC (MPT SHOP YUZANA PLAZA) 095141088 No Q 2,R 2 , Ground Floor, Yazana Plaza ,Mingalar Taungnyut
109 PETER STORE_FC (MPT SHOP MA HLAING) 09400481981 /09-444005844  No.6 , Pwal Zar Tan St x Market St
110 OLYMPIC_FC (MPT SHOP THANLYIN) 09404099977 / 09254252110 / 095138814 No. 52, Lanmadaw St,  
111 KYI THAR MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Mansu) 09-259042288, 09-440013500 Theini Rd x Maharbyuhar Rd, Mansu Pagoda, Lashio
112 ABC MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Myin Mu) 09-404034747 Myoma Zay Gwae, Daunt Teik, Myinmu Tsp
113 HTAY MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Pale) 09-400471465 No.375, Pale-Gangaw Rd, Near Pone Taung Bus Station, Min Tine Pin Village, Pale Tsp
113 KYAW MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Kani) 09-400403031 No.2/16, No.2 Qtr, Myo Lal Street, Kani Tsp
114 A HLA BANK_FC (MPT Shop Mingin) 09-264993400, 09-264993500 3/9,  Myotaw Rd,  No. 3 ward,  Mingin
115 ROYAL MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Tamu) 09-400458147, 09-963916000 Bogyoke Rd, Zaytan 1 Qr, Tamu
116 KYAW MOBILE FC (MPT Shop Thongwa) 09-456677760 Za/60, AungZayYa st, 12 ward
117 KYAW MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Kungyangon) 09-799399199,  09-799399299 67, Yadanarpon (1) st, Zay ward, near Sipin market, Kungyangon
118 KYAW MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Yamethin) 09-427730009 Lanmadaw Wardoe west, YGN-MDY rd
119 SEIN MYITTAR MOBILE_ FC (MPT SHOP YANANGYAUNG) 09-5337307 Myoma south,  Lanmadaw, Yaenanchaung
119 MYO MA MAUNG_FC ( MPT Shop Budalin) 09-256197583 Myo Ma Zay, Butalin
120 MYO NYUNT STORE_FC (MPT Shop Hkamti) 09-400493345 Kannar Street, Myo Ma Qtr ,Hkamti
121 SAR PAY NAN DAW MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Laukkaing ) 09-254223909 No2 Qtr, Burma Tan,Laukkaing
122 Linn IT FC_ (MPT Shop Paung laung) 09-447599992 14/585, 4th Street , Paung Laung Qr ,Pyinmana ,Naypyitaw
123 Linn IT_FC(MPT Shop Myoma market) 067-422884 / 09400558833 No(Pa/232),Myo Ma Market,Naypyitaw
124 CINDERELLA ELECTRIC CO.,LTD FC_(MPT Shop Bogyoke) 09-894794779 No.92 .Bogyoke Aung San Rd , Lanmadaw Qtr ,Taungyi 
125 CINDERELLA ELECTRIC CO.,LTD FC ( MPT shop San Sat Tun) 09-894794778 No.88/A, Sant San Tun Rd, Hawkone Qtr,Taunggyi
125 WIN MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Yon Tet Lan Rd) 09-261500200, 09-49650111 76, Yone Tat St,  A Soe Ya Qr,  Kyauk Phyu
126 MI BA YEIK_FC (KYAUK PHYU) MPT Shop Zay St 09-421751104  Zay St, besides of KBZ bank, Kyauk Phyu
127 ZAR CHI MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop West Guard St) 09456677667 Room No-3,4,5, West Guard St, Taunggop
128 T.COM MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Bomhu Phoe Kun) 0943444477 , 09422444441 , 09450022200 / 09264529895 No.(124) ,Bohmu Pho Kon St ,(7) Qtr ,Taungoo Tsp,Bago
129 THAN LWIN MOBILE FC (MPT Shop West Circular Rd) 095211360 7/14 ,West circular Road 
130 DR.PHONE MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Gyobingauk) 09-790708400 Pyay Rd,  Gyobingauk
131 Sky Waw Mobile (MPT Shop Waw) 09-964354343 No.9, in front of Waw Market, Waw Township, Bago
131 LA PYAE WUN_FC (MPT Shop Monyo) 09-976625000 No.5, Bogyoke Aung San Rd, Monyo, frontside of Pyi Khine Phyo Party
132 SAUNG OO MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Ann) 09-421722220 Junction of Bogyoke st x Bandoola st
133 SUN MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Kyaukkyi) 09-253515253 Anawyahtar Street, Bago quarter, Kyaukkyi Township
134 WIN PA PA MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Paungde) 09-5376353 Zay (1), Yangon - Pyay Rd, Paungde
135 FUJI MOBIlE (FC) MPT Shop Nanhsam 09-265666707 Myo Lel Qtr, Namhsan
136 Shwe Kant Kaw Mobile-FC (MPT Shop Nathogyi) 09-456610022 Natogyi West Market, Natogyi
137 SHWE TAIK MOBILE_FC (MPT SHOP PABADEN) 095139791 / 95024700  No.295/297 ,Anawrahta Rd (Between 27th and Konzaydan Street),Pabedan Tsp
137 SHWE GABAR MOBILE_FC(MPT SHOP KAWLIN) 09-2037750 , 075-42097 / 09258762223 (Ma/Ah) 27 , Myaught Inn Ward , 8th Rd 
138 SABAI MOBILE_FC(MPT SHOP AYADAW) 09-402706851 , 074-65021 No.1 ,Naung Gyi Ai Rd , Ayardaw Township
139 KO NYI MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Hlaingtharyar) 0973676666 / 09441222222 167, Htee Hlaing Shin Housing, 8 Qr, Hlaing River Rd x U Pon Nya St
140 U SAT OO MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Kanbalu) 09-449250999 , 09-442266667 Bogyoke AungSan and TabinshweHtee Rd (4) Ward 
141 AUNG SOE SAN ELEC & MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Ingapu) 09-250227007, 09-49768055 3/3, Ngawin Ayer St, Ingapu
142 KHUN TUN LIN AUNG MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Hopong) 09-428145730 Main Rd, South Qr, Hopone
143 KO THEIN LIN (LAW KA NAT)_FC (MPT Shop Thabaung) 09-951511998, 09-790115215 No. 20, Kannar St, Thabaung
143 Mobile Ayeyarwady_FC (MPT Shop Kinmalin Kyun) 09-5502310, 09790162624,9449955559 H4, outside of Kin Ma Lin Kyun bus terminal
144 NLA Mobile_FC (MPT Shop Twantay) 09-5396586, 09-691119996 49, Bogyoke St , Ownpin Su Ward , Twantay Township
145 SAN SAN MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Kalaw) 09-5280108, 09-41008216 Zawtika St, Qr (4), South Side of the market, Kalaw township
146 SARA MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Pekon) 09-5182604,  09-258140001 No. 71, Naung Kone (2), Pekon
147 YIN SAN MOBILE_FC( MPT Shop Pinlaung) 09-428362368, 09-780522100 Zaytan ward, Pinlaung
148 99 Mobile ( MPT Shop Hopang ) 09-258934099 No.3, Nam Kham Oo Street, Zay Qtr
149 Awaratt Mobile (MPT Shop Ngathainchaung) 09-421165025 No.13, Bogyoke Rd, Nga Thaing Chaung
149 PPA Mobile ( MPT Shop East Dagon ) 09-788939088, 09-269775772 No.684, U Boe Hlaing Street, 108 Qtr
150 CENTURY MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Padaythar Rd) 09-441100114 No.11(D) Padaethar Rd ,Zaypaing Qtr,Loikaw Kayah
151 HMUE CHIT MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Salin) 09-402319394, 09-893908330 Minbu- Salin Main Road,  Paungnar Qr, Salin
152 MANAWMYAT MOBILE -FC (MPT Shop Nattalin) 09-72004215,09-43007400 No.60, Oh Myay Twin Lan Thit, Tharzi
153 J&K , IT MOBILE (MPT Shop Kantayawaddy) 09-440023158 Min/7 ,Da Nya Wa Dee Rd ,Min Su Ward , Loikaw Tsp
154 MI BA MYIT TAR MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Nat Mauk) 09-256505371 MyoMa Zay, Natmauk township
155 PA DAY THAR MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Launglon) 09-5165088,  09-5031079 36, Thiri Mingalar Rd, Kha qr, Launglone
155 AUNG MYITTAR MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Tangyan) 09-445106022 Bogyoke Rd, Near Market
156 GOLDEN LAND MOBILE_FC(MPT Shop Kyunsu) 09-267915898 No.1 Qtr, Kyun Su Myoe, Kyun Su
157 MIBAGONE MOBILE_FC (MPT SHOP BOKPYIN) 09-422216239 No.4, Bogyoke Rd, Myo Ma Qtr,
158 PATHEIN MAUNG MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Hainggyikyun) 09-250431441 Shwe Yin Mar Street, Ngapudaw
159 PHYU NWE PHWAR MOBILE_FC (MPT Shop Pantanaw) 09-260442484 No.170, Bogkyoke Rd, Pantanaw


Customer Terms and Conditions


These Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) apply to all websites, mobile  and web applications, products, and services (collectively, the “Services”) owned and operated by MPT Money Company Limited (“we”, “us”, “our”, “MPT Money”). These Services also include brands, such as “MPT Pay”, and Services that may be associated with us from time to time. 
Please read these Terms and Conditions (“T&Cs”) before using the Services.
The T&Cs shall govern the terms under which you (“Customer”, “you”, “your”) may use our Services.  By using the Services, you accept and agree to be legally bound by the T&Cs. 

Please also read the Privacy Policy of MPT Money before using the Services. This describes how your information is collected and processed when you use the Services. 

When you use the Services, you may be required to use a registered SIM card. When you are required to use a registered MPT SIM Card, please read the General Terms and Conditions and the Privacy Policy of Myanma Posts and Telecommunications (“MPT”) as well before using the Services.

If you do not understand or do not wish to be bound by the T&Cs or the Privacy Policy, you should not use any of the Services. 


In these T&Cs:

“Account” means the reloadable E-Money account that stores Myanmar Kyats (“MMK”) value in the MPT Money system. The Account is linked to a Customer’s Subscriber Identity Module (“SIM”) card. 

“Agent” means an authorized person appointed by MPT Money to provide the Services to the Customers on behalf of MPT Money. The list of authorized Agents is available at

“Cash” means physical MMK cash or MMK bills on hand or held in banks.

“Cash-In” means the process of exchanging Cash to E-Money. 

“Cash-Out” means the process of exchanging E-Money to Cash.  

“E-Money” means the electronic equivalent of Cash held in an Account.

“KYC” means Know-Your-Customer requirements or such information and/or documents relating Customer identity verification that MPT Money may require from the Customer from time to time, based on Laws and MPT Money’s internal guidelines.

“Laws” means the laws, rules, notifications, and directives of Myanmar and any other applicable law to which MPT Money is subject. 

“PIN” means your Personal Identification Number. 

“SMS” means a short messaging service that enables the transmission of text messages from one mobile phone/server to another.

“Transaction” means generally the movement of E-Money into or out of your Account, including Cash-In and Cash-Out, and other transactions and Services in relation to your Account.


  2.1 There are three (3) types of Accounts:

Account Level

Account Owner/Holder

Level 1

Individuals Only

Level 2

Individuals Only

Level 3

Registered Businesses Only

  2.2  You can open an Account or upgrade a Level 1 Account to a Level 2 Account through:

  1. Your mobile phone through the Mobile App (self-opening/self-registration); or
  2. An Agent.

  2.3    The Account is a reloadable E-Money instrument. Your Account is not a bank deposit account and it does not earn interest. You shall use the Account in accordance with the T&Cs and Laws.

  2.4.    Your Account shall not be used for any abusive, illegal, fraudulent or criminal purpose, including, without limitation, money laundering or terrorist financing, or otherwise used in contravention of Laws, or for any purpose other than as authorized by us.


  3.1    When you use the Services, you represent that you are at least thirteen (13) years old. If you are younger than thirteen (13) years old, we will require the consent of your parents or legally recognized guardian.

  3.2    If you are a business entity using the Services, you also represent that you are duly authorized to do business and your employees, officers, representatives, and/or other agents using the Services are duly authorized to do so and to legally bind you to the T&Cs.

  3.3    For purposes of opening and maintaining an Account, every Customer:

    3.3.1    Must have an active and registered SIM card. Only one (1) Account shall be linked to a Customer’s SIM card.

    3.3.2    Must provide sufficient proof of identification:

  1. a.    For Level 1 and Level 2 Accounts, you must provide your National ID (NRC).  
    i.    If you cannot provide your National ID (NRC), you may provide your Driver’s License (must be valid and existing). 
    ii.    If you cannot provide your National ID (NRC) or your valid Driver’s License, you may provide your passport (must be valid and existing).
  1. b.    For Level 3 Account, the following must be provided: 
    i.    Business registration certificate
    ii.    Proof of identity of the person authorized to open the Account (see Section 3.3.2). 

    3.3.3    Must not provide any false, inaccurate, incomplete or misleading information.

  3.4    You will be also asked to provide information such as your complete name, present and/or permanent address, date of birth, nationality, source of funds, photo of yourself, and signature. We reserve the right to request additional details or information that can aid in verifying your identity or Account, in accordance with our KYC requirements and in compliance with Laws. In some cases, we may also verify your information through third-party verification service providers, as we may deem necessary.

  3.5    You agree to provide all necessary information and render all reasonable assistance and cooperation that we may require in order to complete the verification. The information you provide will be used to determine if you are eligible to begin and/or continue to use your Account.

  3.6    MPT Money may reject your application to open an Account at its discretion if any of the Account opening or KYC requirements are not met or if you fail to provide satisfactory proof of identification.

  3.7    You are responsible for providing accurate Account opening information, for keeping your information up-to-date, or notifying MPT Money in the event of changes. In addition, as certain Services may become available or be offered only on a selective basis or promotional basis, supplementary information may be required from you.

  3.8    You understand that we cannot be held responsible for any consequences resulting from your failure to comply with any of the requirements under this Section 3.   


4.1.    When you open an Account, you will be provided with an initial or default PIN through the Mobile App or SMS. The PIN is required for all Transactions, so you must change this immediately. 

4.2.    You are solely responsible for the security and proper care of your Account,  your SIM card, as well as the confidentiality of your PIN(s). You should change your PIN immediately if you suspect that the security of your PIN is compromised. 

4.3.    We will never request disclosure of your PIN information. You must not disclose it to any third party, including the Agents. You agree to hold MPT Money harmless from any inconvenience, damage, or loss that may result from your PIN disclosure or unauthorized use of your Account. 

4.4.    You understand and agree that MPT Money is not responsible for Transactions which may have been executed using your PIN without your knowledge or authority. Unless otherwise provided under the T&Cs, all completed Transactions through your Account are final and irrevocable.


  5.1 5.1.    The Balance and Transaction Limits may be assigned or changed by MPT Money subject to Laws.

  1. Balance Limits

Account Level

Maximum Balance Limit (MMK)

Level 1


Level 2

2 million

Level 3

20 million


  1. Transaction Limits



Cumulative Transaction Limits Per Day (MMK)

Cumulative Transaction Limits Per Month (MMK)

Level 1



Level 2

1 million

25 million

Level 3

2 million

50 million

  5.2    The Balance and Transaction Limits are applied on a per Customer basis. If you have more than one (1) Account opened in your name, the aggregate Balances and Transactions across all of your Accounts shall not be allowed to exceed the Balance and Transaction Limits stipulated for the respective level of the Account

  5.3    If you exceed the Balance Limit applicable to your Account, we will not process any Cash-In, transfers, or payments towards your Account. 

  5.4    If you exceed the Transaction Limits applicable to your Account, your Transactions will be rejected. 

  5.5 The following shall not be counted towards the Balance and Transaction Limits:

  1. Payments to merchants;
  2. Payments to financial institutions; and
  3. Payments of utility bills, taxes, or government fees.


  6.1 General

    6.1.1    All Transactions made using your Account are conclusively presumed to be made by you, and you shall be liable therefor.

    6.1.2    Confirmation through the use of your PIN and/or codes, passwords, or One-Time-Pins (“OTP”) sent to you through the Mobile App or SMS shall be sufficient evidence that you have authorized and validly executed any Transaction and therefore, cannot be disputed by you. The Transaction reference number with the corresponding charges for every Transaction shall be displayed within the Mobile App or notified to you by SMS.

  6.2    Cash-In and Cash-Out 

    6.2.1    A Customer may Cash-In MMK value into any Account through Agents, where a Customer may personally hand over Cash for the amount to be Cashed-In to an Account. The Agent will then transfer the MMK amount into the specified Account through the defined functions in the Mobile App. 

    6.2.2    A Customer may Cash-Out E-Money to Cash through any Agent. 

  6.3 Phone-to-Phone Transactions

    6.3.1    You may transfer E-Money from your Account to another Account through the Agent or through the Mobile App. 

  6.4 Merchant and Bills Payment Transactions

    6.4.1    You should only transact with reputable merchants (whether online (web-based) or in-store). MPT Money shall not be held liable and accountable for any claims made in respect of such Transactions. 

    6.4.2    You shall be fully liable for payment Transactions with merchants, whether online (web-based) or in-store. 

    6.4.3    MPT Money is not liable for any undelivered goods and/or services, defects, damages, and after-sales services for such goods and/or services provided by third parties. 

  6.5 Airtime Load

    6.5.1    You may load airtime credits from our accredited merchants using E-Money from your Account through keyword-based commands or menu-based Transactions on the Mobile App. 


7.1.    We may deduct fees when you open an Account, perform a Transaction, or use any Service. 

7.2.    You agree to pay applicable fees in accordance with published rates on the MPT Money website, Mobile App, and/or Agent locations. 

7.3.    The schedule of fees is subject to change any time at MPT Money’s sole discretion, subject to Laws.


8.1.    MPT Money, at its own option, may run a loyalty/rewards program, or its own or in conjunction with third parties (e.g. MPT Club), on any portion of its Services, including the use of E-Money. 

8.2.    The Customer’s rights and obligations in the loyalty/rewards program shall be covered by separate terms and conditions specific to the loyalty/rewards program.  


9.1.    Subject to Laws, MPT Money reserves the right to terminate, suspend, or limit your use of the Services, including restricting or limiting the number of Accounts and/or Transactions you may use and/or undertake at any time, in the event of any of the following:

9.1.1.    You are in breach of the T&Cs, Privacy Policy, or the Laws. 

9.1.2.    MPT Money reasonably suspects that you have given false information. 

9.1.3.    You have discrepancies in your Account(s) that you are unable to identify and resolve within a reasonable time. 

9.1.4.    You have discrepancies in your Account(s) that MPT Money is unable to identify and resolve within a reasonable time.

9.1.5.    MPT Money reasonably suspects that your Account is being used for unauthorized purposes.

9.1.6.    MPT Money reasonably suspects that your Account is being used for criminal, illegal, fraudulent, or any purpose other than as authorized by us. 

9.1.7.    MPT Money reasonably determines that you are not or are no longer eligible to hold your Account or perform Transactions. 

9.1.8.    MPT Money is required to close your Account in order to comply with Laws. 

9.2.    Accounts that are dormant (no Transactions/no monetary activity) for more than three (3) months and with zero balances shall be automatically closed/terminated.  


10.1.    In case of loss of your mobile phone and/or SIM card on which your Account is opened, you shall notify MPT Money through the MPT Money hotlines 990, 991, or 0123230990 or through a written report submitted at the nearest Agent within twenty-four (24) hours. We will process the suspension or closure of your Account only upon proper authentication of the phone call or written report, as the case may be. 

10.2.    In case of loss of your mobile phone and/or SIM card, or if your SIM Card is compromised or otherwise damaged, you may request or obtain a replacement  SIM card(s) at your own cost. We will not be responsible for any lost, compromised, or damaged SIM card(s). 

10.3.    All Transactions made prior to the report of loss and/or damage to the mobile phone and/or SIM card on which your Account is opened shall continue to be your liability.  


11.1.    Upon your request, MPT Money shall send a copy of your Account Statement/Transaction History either via mail, email, or through your Mobile App, as may be applicable. 

11.2.    A sent Account Statement/Transaction History in the mode and/or address indicated by you is conclusive presumption that you have received the same. You cannot thereafter raise the defense that you failed to receive the Account Statement/Transaction History. MPT Money and MPT shall be held free and harmless from any and all liability should the Account/Transaction History Statement be read by any person other than you. 
11.3.    MPT Money, at its sole discretion, may impose fees for any request for Account Statement/Transaction History more than 60 days old. 


12.1.    If you have any concerns about MPT Money, your Account, your Transactions, or the Services in general, you may contact MPT Money through the MPT Money hotlines 990, 991, or 0123230990, address, and/or e-mail published on, the Mobile App, or Agent establishments. All information disclosed shall be treated as confidential and will be resolved in the most efficient and effective manner. 

12.2.    The details in the Mobile App and/or SMS message(s) after every Transaction and/or the entries in the Account Statement/Transaction History are presumed true and correct, unless you notify MPT Money of any dispute and/or request for the reversal of Transaction(s). MPT Money shall handle this in accordance with MPT Money’s standard complaint handling procedures, subject to Laws.
12.3.    Disputed Transactions shall only be reversed/credited back to the Customer once the claim/dispute has been properly processed, investigated, proven to be in favor of the Customer, and approved by MPT Money at its sole discretion. 

12.4.    There shall be no reversals for Transactions made through keyword-based commands and erroneous Transactions made by the Customer. 

12.5.    MPT Money, in conjunction with participating MPT Money merchants, may also provide for specific dispute resolution mechanisms. You agree to abide by such mechanisms as may be advised by MPT Money or the participating MPT Money merchants from time to time.


  13.1    MPT Money makes no warranty, express or implied, regarding its Services. The Services are offered on an “AS IS”, “AS AVAILABLE” basis without warranties of any kind, subject to Laws. In particular, MPT Money makes no warranty:

    13.1.1    As to content, quality, or accuracy of data or information provided by MPT Money hereunder or received or transmitted using the Services.

    13.1.2    As to any service, content, and/or any other resources provided by a third party. 

    13.1.3    As to any service or product obtained using the Services.

    13.1.4    That the Services will be uninterrupted or error-free.

    13.1.5    That any particular result or information will be obtained. 

13.2.    MPT Money shall endeavor to process all Service requests efficiently. You acknowledge that the Services may be affected by requisite periodic testing, repair, maintenance or upgrades, as well as other factors outside of MPT Money’s control.

13.3.    MPT Money does not warrant that all functionalities for the Services shall be available at all times and may withdraw any functionality or the Services in general as a direct result of new or amended legislation, statutory instrument, government regulations or policy, or any other reason.

13.4.    You understand and agree that MPT Money shall not be responsible or liable for the availability, accuracy, appropriateness, completeness, or non-infringement of such third-party services, or the content, products, services, available on or through such third parties. 

13.5.    MPT Money shall not be liable for any loss, cost, compensation, damage, or liability to you or any third party arising from, directly or indirectly, or as a result of or caused by your use of the Service, including, but not limited to any of the following:

    13.5.1    Refusal of MPT Money, any bank, financial institution, ATM, or merchants and the like to allow, accept, or honor E-Money.

    13.5.2    E-Money is honored by any bank, financial institution, ATM, or merchant; however, payment is not authorized, for any reason whatsoever.

    13.5.3    You are unable to perform or complete any Transaction through the use of SIM enabled mobile phone due to service/system/line unavailability.

    13.5.4    Any delay, interruption, or termination of the Service whether caused by administrative error, technical, mechanical, electrical, or electronic fault or difficulty, or any other reason or circumstance beyond MPT Money’s control (including but not limited to acts of God, strike, labor disputes, fire, disturbance, action of government, atmospheric conditions, lightning, interference or damage by third parties, any change in legislation or regulations).

    13.5.5    Theft or unauthorized use of the Account or any loss, costs, damages, or payables to any third party by the Customer.

    13.5.6    Any misrepresentation, fraud, or misconduct of any third party, such as but not limited to owners, employees, or Agents. 

13.6.    You agree to indemnify and hold harmless MPT Money, its subsidiaries, parent companies, and affiliates, and their respective officers, directors and employees, from and against any damages, claims, liabilities, costs, including attorneys’ fees, or losses of any kind or nature whatsoever brought against MPT Money by a third party resulting from your breach of the T&Cs or any act or omission by you relating to the Services.

13.7.    MPT Money may, at its option, provide additional functionalities to the Services which may give you access to various platforms of other third parties (e.g. financial and non-financial institutions, merchants, service providers, third-party partners). By using such functionality to gain access to other platforms, you hereby agree to hold MPT Money harmless from any loss or damage arising from your access to such external platforms. 

13.8.    In no event, regardless of the form of the claim or cause of action, whether based in contract, infringement, negligence, strict liability, tort or otherwise, shall MPT Money’s aggregate liability to you exceed the E-Money held in your Account at the time the claim or cause of action arose.


  14.1    You understand that all collection and use of your information under the T&Cs is subject to the Privacy Policy of MPT Money, found at


15.1.    You may request MPT Money, at any time, to redeem the Cash equivalent of the E-Money in your Account at any time and at par value, subject to the T&Cs and Laws.

15.2.    MPT Money may impose fees and charges for any redemption of the Cash equivalent of the E-Money in your Account.


16.1.    The T&Cs shall be governed, construed and interpreted in accordance with the Laws.

16.2.    Except as may be otherwise agreed and subject to the Laws, any and all claims, demands, causes of action, disputes, controversies and other matters in question arising out of or relating to the T&Cs, including any question regarding its breach, existence, effect, validity or termination, which the Parties do not resolve amicably within a period of thirty (30) days from the date a Party first notifies the other of a matter requiring resolution, shall be referred to and finally resolved by arbitration proceedings in Myanmar, according to the provisions of the Arbitration Law of 2016 (the “MAL”), the reference to which shall include the same as from time to time modified or re-enacted or replaced or substituted after the date the T&Cs is executed. 

16.3.    With respect to arbitration in Myanmar in accordance with the MAL, there shall be three (3) arbitrators. Each Party shall appoint one (1) arbitrator within thirty (30) days of the filing of the arbitration, and the arbitrators so appointed shall select an umpire within thirty (30) days after the last of the two (2) arbitrators have been appointed. If a Party fails to appoint its Party-appointed arbitrator or if the Party-appointed arbitrators cannot reach an agreement on an umpire within the applicable time period, then any Party may apply to the court for the appointment of such said arbitrator or an umpire, as applicable. In any such arbitration proceedings, the award of the majority of the arbitrators shall prevail, provided that if the arbitrators are equally divided in their opinions, the award of the umpire shall prevail. The language to be used in the arbitration shall be the Myanmar language and the resulting arbitral award shall be final and binding on the Parties, and judgment upon such award may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Arbitration proceedings shall take place in Yangon, Myanmar.


17.1.    MPT Money shall not be responsible for any failure to comply with, or for any delay in performance, of its obligations under the T&Cs, if such failure is due to acts of God or public enemy, war, riot, embargo, fire, explosion, sabotage, flood, accident, power blackouts, electrical equipment or system availability delay or failure, government or regulatory intervention, strike or labor dispute, or without limiting any of the foregoing, any other causes not within its control, and which by the exercise of reasonable diligence it is unable to prevent.


18.1.    If, at any time, any provision of the T&Cs or related documents is or becomes illegal, invalid or unenforceable in any respect under Laws, the legality, validity or enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not in any way be affected or impaired.

18.2.    The T&Cs constitute the entire agreement between you and MPT Money with respect to the subject matter hereof and supersede and replace any and all prior terms. In the event of inconsistency between the T&Cs and previous editions, this version will prevail.
18.3.    MPT Money may stipulate T&Cs specific to a particular Service (“Specific T&Cs”). In case of conflict between the Specific T&Cs and the T&Cs, then the Specific T&Cs shall govern, but only to the extent of such conflict.

18.4.    No failure to exercise, nor any delay in exercising, on the part of MPT Money, any right or remedy under the T&Cs shall operate as a waiver of any such right or remedy. No single or partial exercise of any right or remedy by MPT Money shall prevent any further or other exercise or the exercise of any other right or remedy.  The rights and remedies provided in the T&Cs are cumulative and not exclusive of any rights or remedies provided by law.

18.5.    You may not assign or transfer any of your rights, benefits or obligations you may have under the T&Cs without MPT Money’s prior written consent.
18.6.    The T&Cs shall be effective, valid, and binding for as long as you use the Services, save for provisions that will remain effective thereafter, as stated in the T&Cs, the Privacy Policy, or Laws. 

18.7.    MPT Money reserves the right to modify the T&Cs at any time subject to Laws. By using the Services after any changes to the T&Cs have been made, you signify your agreement to the modified T&Cs. 

18.8.    The English language version of the T&Cs shall be controlling in all respects and shall prevail in case of any inconsistencies with translated versions, if any. 

Date of publication and effectivity: [19/November/2020]

Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy applies to all websites, mobile and web applications, products, and services (collectively, the “Services”) owned and operated by MPT Money Company Limited (“we”, “us”, “our”, “MPT Money”). These Services also include brands, such as “MPT Pay” and Services that may be associated with us from time to time. 
We in MPT Money are committed to ensure that your privacy is secured and protected when using our services. We also respect your right to know how we collect, use, and protect any information about you (“Customer Data”), that is why we have this Privacy Policy to inform you how we collect, use, and protect Customer Data. 

This Privacy Policy should be read together with our T&Cs, as well as any Specific T&Cs governing an MPT Money service. 

Specific terms in this Privacy Policy shall have the meaning assigned to them in our T&Cs, unless MPT Money specifically defined otherwise in this Privacy Policy. 


1.1.    When you use the Services, contact us, or join our loyalty programs, you understand that MPT Money may collect Customer Data and may use it with other information collected and generated during our relationship with you. Customer Data are either Personal Information or Non-Personal Information:

a.    Personal Information is any information from which your identity can be reasonably and directly ascertained, or when put together with other information would directly and certainly identify you. It includes, but is not limited to, the following:

i.    Your identity such as such as name, gender, date of birth, address, telephone/mobile number, email address, proof of identification, source of income, employment, and other data points whenever applicable.
ii.    Personal Information you may have provided to MPT, when you use your MPT SIM card for the Services. 

b.    Non-Personal Information is any information that does not identify you individually, and includes transactional, statistical, and analytical data, and anonymous and aggregate reports.

1.2.    When you use the Services, you understand that we may use internet technologies such as cookies to collect Customer Data including, but not limited to, the domain and host from which you access the internet, your computer’s or mobile device’s IP address, geolocation (if you enabled it), information about your device (such as device properties, settings, usage information), browser and operating system software, network information, and the date and time you access our website and/or the Mobile App. 

1.3.    In addition to Customer Data we collect from you, we may also collect your Personal Information through the following means, wherein you will be deemed to have consented to and authorized the release of your Personal Information as required by MPT Money to perform the Services:

a.    From MPT and its subsidiaries and affiliates, as a user of MPT services. 
b.    Through Transaction forms and your interactions with Agents and MPT Money partners.
c.    Through online forms, registrations for loyalty and rewards programs or competitions, and other Services we offer (some of which may be managed by third parties on behalf of MPT Money).
d.    While providing customer support or consultation, using email, post, call centers or live chat.
e.    Through the process of maintaining and upgrading the Services.
f.    Through automated means such as communications protocols, e-mail communications and cookies.
g.    Through our website and the Mobile App (some of which may be managed or have functionalities provided by third parties on behalf of MPT Money). 
h.    Through your use of social media or other public data sources.

1.4.    In any event, we collect your Customer Data only to the extent necessary to perform the Services and to comply with Laws. You understand that your failure to provide your Customer Data may affect our ability to provide the Services to you. 

1.5.    When required by Laws and before we use your Customer Data for any other purpose, we will ask for your consent. 


2.1.    We use your Customer Data to provide the Services to you. You understand that you may not be able use the Services, including accessing your Account and/or conducting Transactions unless you provide certain Personal Information.

2.2.    We use your Customer Data for legitimate business purposes, which include analyzing and improving the Services, operations, the Mobile App, and your Customer experience. 

2.3.    When you use the Services, you understand and agree that we use internet technologies like cookies to collect Customer Data for purposes, including, but not limited to the following:

a.    To assist us in providing Services to you and help you to receive the best experience using our website and/or the Mobile App.
b.    To temporarily track activity on our website and/or the Mobile App.
c.    To verify your identity when you use our websites and/or the Mobile App, and we may contact MPT to assist us in verifying your identity.
d.    To better understand the effectiveness of our promotional and marketing campaigns and whether you acted on these messages.
e.    To identify you when you visit the website and/or the Mobile App, to personalize the content of the website and/or the Mobile App for you, and to assist you in carrying out Transactions and accessing Account information.

2.4.    We use your Customer Data for legal and compliance purposes, as needed to comply with Laws and to prevent illegitimate or prohibited use of the Services or other illegal or wrongful activity. This purpose may further include using your Customer Data to validate and authenticate your identity and utilizing third parties to help us do so. 

2.5.    We use your Customer Data based on your consent, which includes consent for receiving marketing communications, or where otherwise required by Laws. When we request your consent, we will inform you of the intended purposes for which your Customer Data will be processed. 


3.1.    You understand that we may share your Customer Data in the following ways:

a.    With companies and service providers engaged by us to process information on our behalf and/or assist us in providing you with Services. In instances where we are to share your Customer Data with these parties, we will ensure that your Customer Data will be secured and protected under an agreement made between MPT Money and these parties that shall specify security measures to protect your Customer Data. 
b.    With law enforcement and/or government agencies, including, when necessary, to protect or advance our legal rights and property or when obligated under Laws. 
c.    With other third parties when you have given us your consent to disclose such Customer Data, or as otherwise permitted by Laws. 

3.2.    You understand that we may transfer your Customer Data if we enter into a merger, acquisition, or sale of all or a portion of our assets or business. 


4.1.    We protect your Customer Data through several organizational, physical, and technical security measures to prevent unauthorized access, disclosure, use, and transfer. 

4.2.    When there is a need for us to share your Customer Data or store your Customer Data with a third-party, we use contractual arrangements to ensure that these third parties take appropriate measures in accordance with our instructions and security policies. Your Customer Data may be collected, deposited, kept, transferred, processed, or otherwise dealt with in another jurisdiction outside Myanmar. 


5.1.    You have the right to access your Customer Data subject to Laws. 

5.2.    You have the right to stop us sending you marketing communications. Please call any of the MPT Money hotlines 990, 991, or 0123230990 for more information. If you opt-out of receiving such marketing messages from us, we will not send you marketing messages for the specified duration of time; however, we will continue to send you important messages regarding the Services you currently use. 

5.3.    To the extent we are processing Customer Data based on your consent, you may withdraw your consent as permitted by Laws. if you choose to withdraw your consent, you understand that you may not be able to participate in or benefit from our programs, Services and initiatives for which you previously provided consent.


6.1.    To learn more about your Customer Data and/or this Privacy Policy, please contact any of the MPT Money hotlines 990, 991, or 0123230990 for more information. When we receive a request, we may ask for additional information to verify your identity. You understand that in some situations, we may refuse to act or may impose limitations on your rights, as may be provided by Laws. 


7.1.    We will keep your Customer Data as long as necessary for the specific purpose it was collected, or to resolve any query you may raise. As a general rule, we will keep your Customer Data for at least five (5) years subject to Laws. 

7.2.    It is not our intention to collect Personal Information of children under the age of 13 without parental or guardian consent. If we become aware of such information in our databases, we will delete it unless we are otherwise required by Laws to keep it. If a Service is intended for use specifically by children, we will inform you accordingly and let you know what information is collected. 

7.3.    We are not responsible for the content or privacy practices employed by third-party websites and services. We do not assume responsible for any of these sites, their content, or their privacy policies. 

7.4.    You understand that we may update this Privacy Policy as necessary. You are encouraged to check this page from time to time to ensure that you are updated with any changes made to this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of our Services after any update to this Privacy Policy will constitute your acceptance of the updated Privacy Policy terms unless otherwise required by Laws. 

Date of publication and effectivity: [19/November/2020]